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1507 Bay Area Blvd, Unit B1, Room 134, Webster, TX 77598

(346) 370-1737

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Brown Eyes

3D Volume Lash Extensions  $119

Natural full looking

The most popular style in eyelash extension. Recommended for people who do not have many natural lashes. Fine material which is soft and light. Give your lash a natural but also fullness.

Refill Prices

Classic refill

2 weeks refill - $40

3 weeks refill - $60

Hybird refill

2 weeks refill - $50

3 weeks refill - $75

Volume refill

2 weeks refill - $60

3 weeks refill - $80

Mega volume

Fullset - $149

2 weeks refill - $70

3 weeks refill - $100

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Mini Refill








Mega Volume

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Remove and Add-on

Remove extension


Add Color highlight


Eye make-up remove/clean


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Microblading Session

"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest"

Wolfgang von Goethe

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Cat-eye volume

3D Volume (2)

4D volume

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